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  1. March 2008- OCFA recovers one of our own.
  2. Kern County Battalion Chief Glenn Young
  3. Camp Pendelton Civilian Firefighter and US Marine Brian Dunlap
  4. Murrieta Fire Station named for fallen Fire Captain
  5. LODD- Firefighter Donelan, Orange County Fire Authority
  6. LODD- Roc Manchester- MCAS El Toro Fire Department
  7. LODD- PCF Vance Tomaselli, San Bernardino County Fire Department
  8. LODD- Tom Wall, Orange County Fire Authority
  9. LODD- Sekou Turner- Alameda County Fire Department
  10. LOOD- Mark McCormack, Santa Clara County Fire
  11. LODD- Chris Kanton, CAL FIRE
  12. Contra Costa FC+ENG (in process)
  13. LODD- Brent Lovrien, Los Angeles City Fire Department
  14. LODD- Matt Will, CAL FIRE
  15. CAL FIRE Pilots (in process)
  16. Todd Able, Los Alamitos JFTB Fire Department
  17. LODD- Melinda Ohler, San Francisco Fire Department
  18. LODD- The Esperanza Five/BDF E57, United States Forest Service
  19. LODD- John Nunes, Contra Costa Fire Department
  20. Edward Andrews- Redding Fire
  21. LODD- Kirk Schafer, North Central Fire
  22. LODD- Firefighter Brian E. Phillips, Los Angeles City Fire Department
  23. LODD- Eva Schicke, CAL FIRE
  24. LODD- Jaime Foster, Los Angeles City Fire Department
  25. Ripon Fire- Captain Ron Smith
  26. LODD- Steve Rucker, Navato Fire District
  27. LODD- Joe Dupree, Los Angeles City Fire Department
  28. LODD- Bob Roland, Anderson Valley Volunteer Fire Department
  29. LODD- Jeffrey Langley, Los Angeles County Fire Department
  30. LODD- Jeff Powers, Southern Marin Fire
  31. LODD- Raymond Peterman, Los Angeles City Fire Department
  32. Monsignor John Sammon, CSFA Chaplain for 60 Years
  33. LODD- Luster Knight, Alameda County Fire Department
  34. LODD- Captain Phil Arreguin, Los Angeles County Fire Department
  35. LODD- Thomas Marovich, United States Forest Service
  36. LODD- Stephen J. Masto, Santa Barbara City Fire Department
  37. LODD- Tedmond "Ted" Hall, Los Angeles County Fire Department
  38. LODD- Arnaldo "Arnie" Quinones, Los Angeles County Fire Department
  39. Passing of one of our Members here...
  40. LODD- Kevin Pryor, Newport Beach Fire Department
  41. LODD- Joe Luna, Ventura County Fire Department
  42. Michael Chad Harris, Woodbridge Fire District
  43. LODD- Richard Ibarra, Cosumnes CSD Fire (Cities of Elk Grove and Galt)
  44. LODD- Bill Rodat, Tulare County Fire Department
  45. LODD- Dean Moore, Santa Barbara County Fire Department
  46. LODD- Eric Botkin, Riverside City Fire Department
  47. Jim Perry, Los Angeles City Fire Department
  48. Steve Rankin, Culver City Fire Department
  49. LODD- Dave Parks, CAL FIRE
  50. LODD- Timothy J. Bissett, Monclair Fire Department
  51. LODD- Richard "Chip" Smith, Ontario Fire Department
  52. Art Davis, Beverly Hills Fire Department
  53. Carrie Henger, Los Angeles County Fire Department.
  54. Mike McGroarty, City of La Habra Fire
  55. RIP FC Doug Taylor
  56. Gilbert Turrentine, San Pasqual Fire Department
  57. LAFD- The Passing of Battalion Chief Gary L. Clark
  58. LODD- Jim Owens, Orange County Fire Authority
  59. LODD - Jim Saunders, Sac Metro Fire Department
  60. Scott Carnevale, Alameda City Fire Department
  61. Javier Perez, Compton Fire Department
  62. Matthew Moreno, Federal Fire San Diego
  63. LODD- Glenn Allen, Los Angeles City Fire Department
  64. LODD- John Tripodi, Santa Cruz County Fire Department
  65. Erik Wright, San Bernardino County Fire Department
  66. OES Assistant Chief Powell Passes
  67. LODDs- SFFD
  68. Andrew Maloney, CAL-FIRE
  69. Kevin Moore, Pasadena Fire Department
  70. David Kreske, City of San Bernardino Fire Department
  71. Scott Karsokas, USFS
  72. Colby Shigley - CAL FIRE - MVU
  73. Asheville, NC Fire Captain Jeff Bowen — Former San Bernardino Nat’l Forest Firefighter
  74. Greg Turner, Chino Valley Fire District
  75. Fire Prevention Officer Jim Bouchard (RRU)
  76. USFS DC Dennis Ensign
  77. LODD- Darren Rockett, Long Beach Fire Department
  78. LODD- Andy Troncale, Arcadia Fire Department
  79. LODD- Mark Ratledge, Cottonwood Fire Protection District
  80. LODD- CAL FIRE HFO Gordie F. Varney
  81. Hank Zavaleta, Long Beach Fire Department
  82. Edward W. Bent- LAFD, CSFM and Sacramento Area Firefighters Chaplaincy
  83. William Porter, Sacramento City Fire Department
  84. Randy Sheerer, City of Newport Beach Fire Department
  85. Inspector Jerald L. Coates, City of Los Angeles Fire Department
  86. Roy Cullumber, Apple Valley Fire Protection District
  87. LODD: William West, East Contra Costa Fire Protection District
  88. David Bailey, Los Angeles County Fire Department
  89. Stephenie A. Glas, Los Angeles City Fire Department
  90. LODD: Hollis Franks, Alameda County Fire Department
  91. Stancil G. Jones, Los Angeles City Fire Department
  92. Emmett Donohue, CDF BC San Diego County, Julian District
  93. William Trowbridge, CAL FIRE Division Chief Tulare
  94. Stephen G. Nothern, Redondo Beach FD
  95. LODD: Jose Martinez, San Jose Fire Department
  96. Mark Shippee, Camp Parks Federal Fire Department
  97. Ryan S. Kirby, Los Angeles Fire Department Crew 3 Member
  98. Jim Smith and Teddy Harris, Ventura County FD
  99. Rob Van Wormer- CAL FIRE SCU
  100. LODD: Luis Magallanes-Molina, Cal-Fire
  101. Ed Temby, City of Colton Fire Department
  102. Don Banghart, Cal-Fire, retired
  103. Lloyd Lowry, Executive Director of the Orange County Fire Services Association
  104. LODD: Karen Jones Shubin, Cal-Fire
  105. Mike Schuit, Santa Barbara City, retired
  106. LODD: John Duff, City of Ventura
  107. Jerry Logan, Oragen County Fire Authority, retired.
  108. Rick McClung
  109. LODD: Alex Stevenson, Cal-Fire
  110. LODD- Luke Sheehy, 28, a U.S. Forest Service
  111. Dave Rasmussen, PCF- Orange County Fire Department
  112. Janet Chatelain, L.A. County Fire
  113. LODD - Prescott Granite Mountain Hot Shots
  114. Morrell "Mo" Fitch, CDF and Upper Lake Fire Protection District
  115. LODD-Christopher Douglas, Cal Fire/Riverside County Fire (Updated 11/17/15)
  116. Brian Wolf, City of Downey Fire Department
  117. Mike Lee, Camp Pendelton Fire Department
  118. LAFD Captain Jeffrey K. Johnson
  119. LAFD Captain Matthew McKnight
  120. Norm Walters (ret), San Bernardino City
  121. Carlos Lopez, Hermosa Beach Fire Department
  122. Brandon “Mitch” Underhill, Lake Valley Fire Protection District
  123. John James Cobos, Los Angeles County Fire Department
  124. Santa Barbara County FD - FF Allen Escobar
  125. Shawn Bayer - LA County Fire Dept
  126. Paul Chenkovich, Livermore-Pleasanton Fire
  127. LODD- Bill Anderson, Mammoth Lakes Fire Department
  128. John Mazzocco Los Angeles County Fire Department
  129. Sheryl Willaims, CDF and Orange County Fire Department
  130. Paul Cooke, Los Angeles County Fire Department
  131. L.A. Co FFS Darrell Rice
  132. Roger Gonzales, CAL-FIRE, LODD
  133. Brian Lee, Los Angeles Fire Department, Fire Helicopter Pilot
  134. Kyle Johnson, Tesoro Fire Department, Carson, CA
  135. Mike Herdman, Arcadia Fire Demartment
  136. Gary Bolinger, Fresno Fire Department
  137. Ben Carlson, Lifeguard, City of Newport Beach
  138. Jerry Littlefield, L.A. County Fire (ret)
  139. Dennis Olson, Los Angeles County (ret)
  140. LODD: Armando J. Mora, Jr., Santa Fe Springs
  141. Search Dog Maverick, Los Angeles County Fire Department
  142. Clay Chaisson, Orange County Fire Authoirity (ret)
  143. LODD- Geoffrey "Craig" Hunt, Pilot. Cal-Fire
  144. Bill McCammon, Alameda County Fire Department, ret.
  145. Wally Trotter- CDF/OCFA, ret.
  146. Ricardo Rodriguez, Los Angeles County Fire
  147. LODD- Eduardo "Ed" Teran, City of Riverside Fire Department
  148. LODD: Tracy Chimenti, City of Roseville, ret.
  149. Franck W. Tremaine, City of Jackson, PCF
  150. Engineer Ed Decou, Alameda County Fire, ret.
  151. Daniel Corrigan, Santa Barbaba City
  152. Jerry Bonner, Cal-Fire Pilot, LODD
  153. Ralph Hardin, Hawthorne Fire Department, ret.
  154. Peter George, City of San Diego Fire
  155. LODD: Rich Voisey, City of Pinole, retired
  156. Alan Davis, Arcata Fire Department, retired
  157. Michael Hallenbeck, U.S. Forest Service
  158. David Ruhl, U.S. Forest Service
  159. Warren Johnson, OCFA Senior Chaplain
  160. Jim Martin, Fremont Fire Department
  161. Mark Domingue, City of Atwater and Cal-Fire, retired
  162. Gino “Rick” Zeni, Los Angeles County Fire Department
  163. Barry Rezac, Cal Fire/Riverside County, ret.
  164. Gerald Jose, City of San Diego Fire Department
  165. Ryan Thornton, City of Long Beach
  166. Roger James, OCFA, ret.
  167. Reginald Reece (Rex) Dillingham, Barstow Fire District, ret.
  168. Tim Sappok, Orange County Fire Department, ret.
  169. Scott Carroll, Oxnard Fire Deparment
  170. Chief Kenneth D. Wells, Lakeport Fire, Kelseyville Fire, C.D.F.
  171. Bobby Thurston, Long Beach Fire Department, ret.
  172. Rigo Landeros, Fillmore Fire Department
  173. Jerry Shacklett, OCFA, ret.
  174. LODD Shawna Lynn Jones, CDCR/CalFire
  175. Kevin Harleman, City of Fullerton, ret.
  176. Daniel Lopez-Galvan, Fresno Fire Department
  177. William Stutzman, CA Dept. Corrections Fire
  178. Kirstin Snook, CAL FIRE
  179. Don Cockrum, CDF, ret.
  180. Art Wilkerson, OCFA, ret.
  181. 3/23/98- LAFD Fire Copper 3 Down, Three Firefighters and Patient Parish
  182. LODD: Pilot/Firefighter Steven Robinson, Los Angeles Fire Department
  183. Roger Gantt, Sacramento Metro Fire District
  184. Stan Farrelle, Alameda County Fire Department, ret.
  185. Sean Stilson, Los Angeles City Fire Department
  186. Howard Emery, City of Redlands Fire, ret.
  187. David Lodarski, City of Colton
  188. Carl Johnson, City of Napa, ret.
  189. John Ruppert, San Bernardino City
  190. Mike Haberski, City of Petaluma, ret.
  191. Dave Campos, City of Riverside Fire Department, ret.
  192. Jim Reed, Newport Beach Fire Department, ret.
  193. Robert Oliver Reagan III, Private Dozer Operator, Soberanes Fire
  194. LODD: Jamie Wixon, City of Colton, ret.
  195. William O'Donnell, DoD Combat Center Fire (29 Palms), ret
  196. LODD- Richard Conner, Anaheim Fire, 2012
  197. Michael Spear, Cal-Fire
  198. LODD- Michael Hallenbeck, USFS, Shingle Springs
  199. John Rooks, Monrovia Fire, ret.
  200. LODD- Ian Howard, USFS
  201. Paul Waite, Twain Harte Fire, Tuolumne County and Columbia Fire District
  202. Terrence Gee, Sacramento City Fire Department (2010)
  203. Bud Parrott, Town of Paradice
  204. LODD- Ryan Osler, Ventura County Fire
  205. Andy Verdugo, USFS, Southern California
  206. Scott Larue, Los Angeles County Fire Department
  207. Timothy Thomas Smith, Fortuna Fire Department
  208. Rick Pascall, San Miguel Fire District (2010)
  209. Russ Vandemark CSFA Baseball
  210. Fred Morgan, LA County Fire/Pomona Fire, ret.
  211. Chris Cuzynski, Retired San Gabriel City Fire, MCAS El Toro, USFS Hot Shots
  212. Patrick (Soup) Campbell, Federal Fire Ventura
  213. LODD- Michael P. Reddy, Los Angeles Fire Department
  214. LODD- David M. Luis, City of Ripon Fire Department
  215. LODD- Ron Castro, Santa Ana Fire and OCFA
  216. Mike Moses, Santa Barbara City Fire Department, ret.
  217. Eric Weuve, Orange County Fire Authority
  218. Jim Hunt, Santa Barbara County Fire Department, ret.
  219. Karen Munsen, Santa Ana Fire Department, 1989
  220. Donald M. Hibbard, City of Corona Fire Department, 2001
  221. Steve Sunderland, CDF and Tulare County Fire Department
  222. Julian White, Santa Barbara County Fire Department, ret
  223. Doug Ashby, Garden Grove Fire Department
  224. Dan Havicus, City of Tracy Fire Department
  225. Tom Hamilton, Orange County Fire Authority, ret.
  226. LODD- Randy Brunet, City of Corona Fire Department, ret.
  227. LODD- Sara Thomas, Cal-Fire, Riverside County
  228. David T. Moorman, Los Angles Fire Department
  229. William Conrad "Billy" Lewis, Yuba City and Sacramento City Fire Department, ret.
  230. Matt Moore, Murrieta Fire Department, 2008
  231. Brian Kutil, Los Angeles Coutny Fire Department Lifeguard, 2015
  232. Bob Belliveau, Los Angeles County Fire Department, ret.
  233. Jalal Aineb, San Francisco Fire Department
  234. John Lawrence, Orange County Fire Authority, 2013
  235. Julie Freeman, Cal Fire, Fresno
  236. Doug Shank, Cal Fire
  237. Lawrence "Loom Up Larry" Schneider, Los Angeles City Fire Department, ret.
  238. LODD- Timothy A. Anderson, Sacramento County Airport Fire Deaprtment
  239. John Bailey, Los Angeles County Fire, ret.
  240. LODD- Kelly Wong, Los Angeles Fire Department
  241. Scott Franklin Los Angeles County Fire, ret.
  242. Matthew Bashaw, USFS, San Bernardino County Fire PCF
  243. Brent Witham, Vista Grande Hotshot, USFS
  244. B/C Gary Helming, U.S. Forest Service, Los Padres National Forest
  245. USFS E-57 Crew- October 26, 2006
  246. LODD- Andre Jones, Pasadena Fire Department
  247. Thomas De Bartoli, Sacrmaento City Fire and Stanislaus Consolidated Fire District
  248. J.B. Hume, Huntington Beach Search and Rescue/Police/Fire
  249. Mary Blaul, Orange County Fire Authority, ret.
  250. Jeff Timms, Redwood City, ret.