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07-24-2016, 12:05
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The Newport Beach Fire Department, along with all other Orange County fire agencies, including Cal Fire, honored retired Fire Chief Jim Reed yesterday. Chief Reed was the Chief of Newport Beach from 1979 to 1991 before the arrival of Chief Timothy Riley.

Chief Reed went on to serve as Chief for multiple agencies for the next decade. As the Chaplain explained during his reflection, "Chief Reed's leadership style was in demand around the county so much that city managers kept hiring him."

He was remembered as loyal, smart, level headed, caring, trusting and honorable. He was also honored by the United States Navy with whom he served.

07-24-2016, 12:10
God Speed, Chief!

07-24-2016, 12:19
RIP Chief.

07-25-2016, 17:45
RIP Chief. Prayers to the family and brothers from NBFD. Sounds like he was a Great Chief and Great man

07-25-2016, 18:08
RIP Chief.

07-26-2016, 07:50
Great man, great example for people everywhere to follow: leadership, selflessness, desire to serve. RIP.

07-29-2016, 10:45
Sounds like he was a great guy who had a great career. RIP