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Default Re: 2018 Wildland Firefighter Academy

Originally Posted by CoastalRSQ View Post
CalFire's cert comes from completing their Basic FF Academy. It involves some structural, in addition to a predominance of WL skills and knowledge. There are evolutions during the week including vehicle fires and complex interior attack. Practical testing for their cert involves throwing BAs and their 20ft ladder. A lot of their academy is geared toward learning about their organization and it's definitely a recruitment ground for them. Whether you do or don't want to work for them, it's an excellent training experience with superb instruction and costs very little.

The Golden State program looks excellent in many ways. The 14-day duration mirrors being on WL incidents more than the 5-day CalFire program. You also get S211 Pumps and S212 Chainsaw certs. Those are helpful for landing WL gigs and this training seems more slanted to Federal jobs. Lots of value for the cost of this program when you consider all the certs and the two full weeks of training.

You seem to be my go-to lately! Anyways i dropped my Firefighter I academy after a long talk with state fire training regarding reciprocity. Ive signed up for wildland-confined space- and firefighter survival through santa rosa jr college.

Im almost certain CALFIRE teaches the wildland portion at srjc, anyways any tips you have for me to prepare for this to sharpen some skills since it has been a few years since I worked as a firefighter on the East Coast. Is there a breakdown of what is taught/tested somewhere I can review beforehand to get prepared?

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